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Our vision is to help dramatically increase the number of Armenian authors, editors, translators, and young readers, by publishing original Armenian works for young adults in the Western expression of the language. We’re looking for new, engaging, and contemporary stories with subject matter that is relatable to today’s youth, created for the following categories:



About us
Our Board comprises experts in the field, including three Professors of Western Armenian from the Universities of California (Los Angeles, Irvine, and Berkeley); a historian; a visual artist; an early-education Armenian teacher; and an author, editor, and translator.
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“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”
– Rita Mae Brown

Our mission statement

Given the critical importance of having a modern, dynamic Western-Armenian literary tradition for the continued vibrancy of Armenian culture, especially in the Diaspora, our mission is to engage authors and book illustrators toward the creation of original Western-Armenian works for children and young adults.

UNESCO has classified Western Armenian as “definitely endangered.” Among the main factors affecting language vitality, according to UNESCO criteria, is the lack of abundant new literature being produced.

And while the UNESCO classification might be reason enough to mobilize for a solution, the objectives of Arpi Publishing go beyond mere linguistic preservation, embracing a vision of creative activity that would help ignite the imagination of young readers, promote literacy and learning in Western Armenian, and, ultimately, contribute to the vigor and exuberance of the language and the culture it represents.